The winter feel

There is Nothing Like the Beauty of a Winter Time Sky

Eleventh grade Language Arts students recently studied a poem by Native American writer, N Scott Momaday. The name of the poem is, North Dakota, North Light.' It's a nature' poem of a beautiful winter setting. The northern lights, one of several astronomical phenomena called polar lights, are shafts or curtains of colored light visible on occasion in the night sky. This poem is from Momaday’s book, `In the Presence of the Sun: Stories and Poems, 1961-1991.’ Momaday is a Pulitzer Prize award winner.
Here is the poem:

North Dakota, North Light

The cold comes about
among the sheer, lucid planes
Rabbits rest in the foreground;
the sky is clenched upon them.
A glassy wind glances
from the ball of bone in my wrist
even as I brace myself,
and I cannot conceive
of summer;
and another man in me
stands for it,
wills even to remain,
figurative, fixed,
among the hard, hunchbacked rabbits,
among the sheer, shining planes.

Following are student essays and their thoughts about this winter time, descriptive poem:

By Chelsea Wollweber

Isn't it strange at this time of the year that for most of us, we get a strange feeling of wanting to be outside no matter how cold it is? We may complain about the cold but deep down we love feeling the cold air. Some of us may sit outside drinking coffee or hot chocolate trying to keep as warm as we can but still enjoying the cold. We may even take a walk instead of sitting. We also can’t forget the winter nights going outside admiring the stars; then some nights we might not see them as the clouds will be covering them. But some stars will shine through and if you are lucky you will see snow.

By Samora Sanchez

This poem makes me think about being outside and it’s a little chilly (cold). Also when it mentions rabbits that makes me think of rabbits sleeping and rabbits just hopping around playing. When the author mentions the wind that makes me think it’s a cold breeze once he walks outside and he is thinking of summer but once that cold breeze hits him he gets the chills (goosebumps). Also he mentions hunchback rabbits which makes me think of maybe rabbits bending over to eat or look for food. I don’t really have a real meaning for that but that the first thing that came to my head was like, well, maybe they're eating. This poem makes your mind picture all these different things, so like everybody might think of something absolutely different but that’s my thoughts.

By Norlyn Lowden

When I read this poem all I pictured was being in the middle of the woods and it being dark and cold. This poem is honestly just so magical to me in a way I can’t describe. This poem was the first poem I think I have ever read that made me feel what was going on. To me this poem is telling a story of someone who maybe was overwhelmed with emotion and just happened to look up and saw the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen. This is what I thought of when I was reading it as well as trying to picture it. My favorite part of the poem was, “The cold comes about, among the sheer, lucid planes,” because this to me summed up what a nice cold winter night is like. But overall this poem was very fascinating to read.

By Romero Hudson

The poem, “North Dakota, North Lights!” What I like about it is it shows how animals are ready for winter, how the sky lights up, and winter is coming. What I see in my mind is a tall mountain tree around you but not close enough so that it’s not covering the sky; and as the sun goes down it gets cold and dark. The animals you see are going home. There is a breeze as snow is hitting your face. Then the sky lights up with light but not from the moon but from the northern lights, and it's a beautiful scene; one that could only be seen by movies.

By Santana Chavez

This poem gives me winter vibes but sounds like it is set in a different season. This may be because there are some things like the rabbits hunched over and the cold wind described. It sounds like the place that the poem takes place in is very calm and still. Compared to other poems this one has a sense of detail that other poems lack. The details are very specific and describe the surroundings well.

By Jessalyn Bautista

This poem gives me images of a beautiful night sky, and with the gusty winds making it so much colder. With a clear sky being able to see the bright colored lights in the sky. And the plain environment of the setting feels like the poem takes place in a plain field in the back of my yard making it even more beautiful to stare or even camp outside your house. It makes me want to go see the northern lights in person and experience this own imaginary picture I have set in my head. Especially with how nature is described in the poem with there being rabbits. This makes it seem like you're at peace when you're reading the poem, like the world just stopped for a minute for readers to live the experience the author is trying to tell.

By Brendan Hassell

What I liked about this poem is the way the author likes to use his words to create a picture and define the picture. Such as how he uses words like lucid or glassy to define the clearness of the setting. I also liked the setting of the poem with the animals around the area and the way he had defined those as well. I also liked how he had described the cold. I also liked how I can relate to the sheer cold due to the weather here now. But finally I liked the way that he had described the lights the most, because it gave a vivid representation of what it would look like. So in conclusion what I liked about the poem was the way that he described things with a clear perspective almost like you are there.

By Cadence Siow

When I read the poem in my head all I can picture is a clear grassy field. Towards the back there is a gate of sheep sitting back there in the night sky. I also picture the little white rabbit from `Alice in Wonderland’ running back and forth across the field. All of this seems like something you would only see if you were in a deep sleep. I also picture it being night, cold and kind of foggy, with the clouds covering the full moon. Not to mention that there are lots of stars out too so the night sky is very bright; bright enough you wouldn’t need a flashlight or anything to see as you walk.

By Cruz Enditto

What I like best about the `North Dakota, North Lights’ poem is how the lights are up in the sky and how it shines upon the air. Even at night it looks beautiful; you can see it clearly in the sky with snow around you. Also, during the day you can barely see the lights in the sky because of the day time and from the sun. Even when you’re walking around you notice the rabbits are in the foreground resting. The sky is something that catches the mindset to be looked at in a meaningful way of seeing the beautiful sky filled with lights. It’s quiet and white while looking up at the sky and wondering what makes the sky light up during the night time. In the mornings is when you can somewhat still see the lights in the sky every day when you wake up there.

By Isabelle Torivio

The thing I like most about this poem is the way the writer describes different ways on how they felt. How they describe how cold it was. It also talks about how the snow looked and uses a different way on how to describe them. For example, the writer says how he can’t even think of summer during this time because they’re so cold. The writer also uses different words that not many people know about. I also like how their words kind of make you think about and try to figure out what they are trying to tell us about. Like for example when the writer said the ball of bone in my wrist. It made all of us think what he was talking about but when we found out it made sense. 

By Ciara Sorrell

This poem makes me think about Christmas and how maybe he went to the North Pole to see the Northern Lights. “As I brace myself, and I cannot conceive of summer.” This is a sentence I can relate to because just this morning I was standing in the freezing cold waiting for my bus. This poem makes me feel kind of relaxed because of how he describes how he feels, and his surroundings. How he words the poem helps the reader feel related to it, or they feel like they are there. One sentence that really popped out to me was when he mentioned the hunchback rabbits. During the winter hunchback rabbits go into a hole to stay warm and that is what he was somewhat referring to.

By Amarae Marquez

In my mind I see snow everywhere. I see rabbits going into hibernation. I see people having snow fights. I see snowmen being built. When I read this poem I imagined people decorating for the holidays. I see people shoveling snow off their driveways. I see kids laughing and having fun in the winter snow.

By Brianna Ashley

What I like about the poem is that winter is coming, everybody is staying inside, and animals are getting ready to hibernate. Going outside is pretty cold. Hands are already cold with wind blowing through the cold air. The coldness can be satisfying because winter is one of the best seasons. It makes me think of how cold winter can be and how we would have to prepare for snow and the season. I love winter because the snow makes the ground filled up with white flakes and it's pretty when the sun isn’t out. It makes me think about the dry roads and a few planes flying in the sky.

By Isabella Trujillo

I like how Momady uses different seasons and different types of weather to be the main structure of this poem. And how he uses different complex words not usually put in a short poem such as this one. He words it very nicely towards where you can picture what he is talking about in your head. When he says, “The cold comes about among the sheer, lucid planes”, you can picture a nice morning where when you step outside you can feel the cold on your skin, coming through the little clouds or the nice morning sunrise. He also says, “And I cannot conceive of summer,” which is kind of referencing how he cannot imagine how hot and sort of miserable summer will be or even if it's so cold where he cannot imagine a nice hot summer. Overall the words and wording in this poem is very well structured and should be very appreciated.

By Desirae Pouges

Knowing that the story is kind of creating the scenery of being in North Dakota, viewing the Northern Lights that most people only see in movies. When the author said, “Sheer, lucid planes,” I think of a river or lake frozen that you could walk on, and all kinds of piles of snow and ice. When he says the glassy wind, it reminds me of the time when I went running and your throat feels cold because the air is cold. I learned from watching this one show called, Life Below Zero, and they talk about how living in Antarctica teaches them to manage their breathing because the cold air can freeze their lungs. The poem is fairly short but if the author were to make it longer, I wonder if he would add more detail to the snow or the sky. Personally, I do not like the winter, I used to like the cold more but I’ve grown to like Spring and Summer.

By Temira Jack

What I liked about the poem was how he thought about the seasons and how he explained it. He was also talking about how it's cold in the winter and how he would explain it in the poem. He also explains how there would be rabbits running the grassy pastures. Then he was talking about how when it was cold they were in winter and not in summer. He was also explaining that the green grassy pasture was covered in snow. He was also describing how it was cold and how everything was where he was at. I could picture it in my head and explain how it looked. That everything was covered in snow and how pretty it looked like and how cold it was.

By Taylor Victorino

The poem ‘North Dakota, North Lights’ is about looking at the northern lights during winter. The narrator says a few lines that indicate that it’s winter - like at the beginning it says, “The cold comes out about among the sheer, lucid planes.’ The narrator is looking at the northern lights. The poem states, “The sky is clenched upon them.” The northern lights are very bright and mostly covers a large area in the sky. The narrator is really cold as he braces himself from the cold but he still wants to see the northern lights. I can imagine the narrator standing in the open fields in the great plains standing there while watching the northern lights. I really like this poem because it talks about nature. I really love nature and like poems that talk about nature.

GHS Sport students sharing their experience

Christmas Traditions in Different Countries

By Serena Antonio

Christmas is a very popular holiday; kids around the world love Christmas. Christmas is always on Dec. 25. Christmas is a holiday where everyone gets together and eats dinner, opens gifts and spends time as a big family. Christmas originated in Rome about 336 AD. Worldwide there are 160 countries that celebrate Christmas. Many countries around the world celebrate Christmas, including Australia, Spain, France, and Mexico. 

One of the countries Christmas is celebrated in is Spain. Spain's Christmas traditions are mainly celebrated on Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve). The citizens of Spain usually have turkey stuffed with truffles or seafood. They have midnight mass and after they hold torches and play instruments in the streets to celebrate. Spain's midnight mass is known as La Misa Del Gallo (The Mass of the Rooster).

Another country that celebrates Christmas is Australia. In Australia they celebrate Christmas by going Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve and decorate their houses and gardens with tons of lights. Also in Australia they have light competitions, street parties, Boxing Day barbecues and Festive road trips. Boxing Day is after Christmas and friends and families get together to watch the Boxing Day Test. When the citizens of Australia go Christmas Caroling they hold candles and most of the caroling is in major cities. Also in Australia, their Christmas is in summer so they do a lot of outdoor activities. 

Another country that celebrates Christmas is France. The French celebrate Christmas by having Advent Calendars, Midnight Mass and a mistletoe tradition. Their advent calendar tradition starts on Dec. 1 and ends on Christmas day. The French also celebrate Midnight mass which is on Christmas Eve. In France the people hang mistletoe as important Christmas decor. The decoration is supposed to bring good luck.

Another country that celebrates Christmas is Mexico. In Mexico their traditions are dancing, Spanish Christmas carols and candle-lit processions. In Mexico they have festivals and they dance and light fireworks. They also go around and sing Christmas carols in their language. And they light a candle to show respect to the journey to Bethlehem of Joseph and Mary. 

There are many Christmas traditions around the world. Christmas is also celebrated in many countries. Christmas is a special day to spend time with family and appreciate the time with them. On Christmas Day or Christmas Eve you can go to a family member's house and open presents and eat dinner at their house and enjoy everyone’s time. 

Christmas Holidays - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

GHS Journalism students shared some of their family traditions and favorite aspects of the holiday season. Enjoy these short essays! We hope our readers will also get into the holiday spirit and have a wonderful and safe season.

By Analiya Brown

Christmas is a very fun holiday. It is a holiday that many can look forward to. Christmas is a time of being with the ones you love. It is a time to share love with one another. It's a fun time to give gifts to your loved ones. Christmas is a very special time to many people. Christmas is just an overall great time of year for people to be with their loved ones and celebrate with them.

By Helen Juanico 

The thing I like best about Thanksgiving and Christmas is the fact that I can be with my family. Last year, due to covid and everything going on in the world, my family, like many others, did not get to enjoy the joys of being together for the holidays. So this year we are happy that we might get to enjoy the holiday time being together. Christmas is my favorite holiday, even though we might not get snow or anything like other places do. It’s my favorite because I love the feeling of being able to drink hot chocolate on a cold night or watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music.

By Temira Jack

My favorite things about the holidays or more specifically Christmas is where I get to enjoy my family time with my family. I usually go on trips with my family as well. What I mostly like about the holidays is the weather because it is so nice and chilly. I will want to curl up in a blanket and to watch holiday movies. I will also want to drink hot chocolate and to bake as well. My favorite holiday movies are How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ and A Charlie Brown Christmas Movie.’ I also like to decorate for Christmas as well because it is just fun to decorate with my family. We put up the tree and the lights that we have. We just love to be festive while we decorate as well. Then we go on drives to go and look at Christmas lights and we also went to a light parade to watch all the floats. But I mainly like spending time with my family because it just makes the holidays better. Those are some of my favorite things to do during the holidays. 

By Elias Vallo

I love the feel of Christmas. I like the cold during Christmas. Also the lights during Christmas. Where everybody is joining together for the holidays. I like that people are kind to others. I like that people celebrate also because of their differences. 

Different ways to celebrate Christmas

Also by Elias Vallo

People celebrate Christmas for different reasons. The main reason is to get together with the family. But, it is the longest and coldest night of the year. Some people don’t have a family to go to, or they are on bad terms with them. There are homeless with no homes, or families. So let’s appreciate what we have and help others. My way to celebrate Christmas – I spend time with my family and stay warm. So there is no specific way to celebrate Christmas. So take my word to heart, and Happy Holidays! 

By Taylor Delgarito

This is my favorite time of the year! It's that time of the year again where everyone is cold and roads are bad, but there are good things that come with winter, such as sledding, skiing, going for a drive to see the beautiful snow blanket covering all the naked trees, and so many other things that I can’t think of right now. If you didn’t notice I love going for drives up to Mt. Taylor around this time, especially at night, and I know what you’re thinking: “Taylor, are you crazy? I would never go to the woods at night!” Yes, maybe I am, but you can’t judge me until you try it. And I highly recommend you to try it! You will witness something so beautiful that even words can’t describe it nor will pictures ever define it. Maybe I’m drawn to it because I got my name from it. I’m not sure, but it is so beautiful! If I’m being honest, winter has always been my favorite because of the joy it brings to my dad. He always said, “I like the rain, but I love the snow.” And I can agree with him there. It may be cold but if you go to the woods and stop to look around and listen, you will understand why I do. That small moment could bring you peace and take all your worries away. P.S - Go with someone who has experience with driving in snow and knows where they’re going!

By Jolynn Eylicio

Who doesn't Love Christmas? Such warm and cozy holiday Christmas lights twinkling, the toasty fire roaring, while you're eating eggnog and cookies with your favorite holiday movies playing under a warm fluffy blanket. Doesn't that sound just delightful? Even all the little moments leading up to that moment leave you in such bliss. Baking cookies, decorating, putting up the Christmas tree! Or maybe you have some other tradition your family does. Let’s not forget about everyone's favorite holiday tradition of gift giving. A gift doesn't need to be big and fancy or cost a lot of money. The gift you give should come from the heart. To conclude, let's not forget the holidays are about being together and making new memories, not about presents.

By Bobby Perez

Christmas is my favorite holiday. The reason it's my favorite is the atmosphere of it. I also like how my family gets together. I like it because we are all together, not just like a couple of us. I like the atmosphere of Christmas because of the jollyness and everyone is kind this time of year. Some of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season are looking at lights and snowboarding. When we go looking at lights we usually watch Christmas movies all day then when it gets dark we make hot chocolate and drive around Grants and Milan. 

By Elizabeth Nieto

Winter is my favorite time of year because much as I hate the cold I love when it snows. Christmas is my favorite because I love to decorate and to make Christmas cookies. Every year we decorate my tree a different way and that has to be my favorite thing we do. My favorite tradition is going to a family cabin and decorating the cabin with a bunch of lights and going sledding. Getting to spend time with family and friends is the best thing because I never really get to see my family besides holidays. Me and my friends like to get matching pajamas and watch Christmas movies all day and bake cookies. `Home Alone’ has to be one of my favorite Christmas movies. I love to watch it every year. 

By Xavier Herrera

Now that we are very close to Christmas I will discuss my family's holiday traditions that we do normally. Before Christmas we prepare all sorts of desserts and food for Christmas dinner and it ranges from cookies to pies. But the best thing in my opinion that is made beforehand is the tamales that my grandma had cooked before she had passed away. We still make them but it is not the same. We tend to open presents early in the morning if my parents are off work, but most of the time my mom has to work. But we wait until she comes home to open our Christmas gifts. With the topic of Christmas dinner, it normally consists of my family, my aunt, uncle, my cousins, my grandma and other family members. With these traditions it has led to a lot of great memories that I will never forget.

By Lexis Rougemont

My favorite holiday that my family and I celebrate is Christmas. It is my favorite because I love all the decorations. In my religion we celebrate on Christmas Eve. So with that being said on Christmas Eve my family and I get together and eat dinner. We also go look at lights, then we go home and we play games as a family. Next, we open Christmas gifts at midnight! After all that, we go home. And then on Christmas day is when we usually have a Christmas party for my dad’s business since it is a family business. Out of all the holidays my family celebrates Christmas the most. 

Christmas tree

Ebony Chavez

Ebony Chavez-16 Class of 2023

 The Sporting Life for 3-Sport Athlete Ebony Chavez

Pirates’ junior excels in volleyball, hoops, and softball

 Ebony Chavez, 16, is an 11th grader at Grants High School and a three-sport athlete. Last year as a sophomore, Chavez received Second Team All-District honors in both basketball and softball. Her dad, Tommy Chavez, has always been a big influence in her athletic pursuits. “My dad always loved athletics and sports,” she said. Recently, the Angry Jack Journal (AJJ) caught up with Ebony, a Grants resident, and asked her about her career as a Pirate athlete.

 AJJ: Let’s start with volleyball. When did you start playing? 

Ebony: I first started playing volleyball in 7th grade at Los Alamitos. I really enjoyed playing and it was pretty fun. I played two years there.

AJJ: What was the transition like going from middle school to high school volleyball?

Ebony: As a freshman it was like a learning season because the playing level was very different from middle school, more intense. I played on the `C’ (freshmen) team. I was an outside hitter. We did pretty good. The first year was pretty stressful because it was like a different program at the time - different coaches and stuff. And being together with the younger classmen.

AJJ: What was your sophomore season like?

Ebony: Sophomore year I was on varsity. That year was pretty tough because it was the Covid season and we played different teams that are not in our district. We played the season in January into like mid-February (instead of the usual fall season) for a span of like three weeks. We had like three games a week. We played 12 matches. It was more like another learning experience. I was pretty impressed with how our team adapted to practicing all year. At times we’d be exhausted because of all the hard work. Any time we had a chance to we’d have practice. I started doing both outside hitter and middle blocker. I liked middle blocker better because I got more action and more touches on the ball. I think my strength is blocking and reading my opponents.

AJJ: This year, the Pirates’ girls’ varsity volleyball had a very respectable 9-9 season. What was this most recent volleyball season like?

Ebony: April Cash was our new coach. I was really impressed with our season because our volleyball team has not won that many games in like five years and we came very close to going to states. I think it was the new coaches, a whole new program, a different mentality.

AJJ: Let’s talk about your basketball career!

Ebony: Basketball is my favorite sport. I’ve been playing basketball ever since I was in kindergarten. I always enjoyed coming back and playing it. I enjoyed the hard work and competitiveness.

AJJ: You saw action on both the JV and varsity as a ninth grader and that’s the season the Lady Pirates made states.

Ebony: My freshman year was my first year ever going to a state game and that was memorable. I think everyone wanted the same goal, everyone was hungry to win. Our coach was really on top of us.

AJJ: You play inside at both forward and post positions. Do you like playing inside where a lot of the physical action is?

Ebony: It’s a matter of playing and being strong. I don’t want to say being mean, but dominant.

AJJ: Last year as a sophomore during the pandemic season, you had a good season averaging 12 points and five rebounds over a shortened 12-game season. This year, GHS is under new head coach Doug Hickman and the season is underway. What are your expectations for the club?

Ebony: I think we’ll have a pretty good season. The girls have pretty good chemistry and I think we’ll be better than last year.

AJJ: And then this spring it will be time for softball. You played both pitcher and outfield last year for the Pirates.

Ebony: I grew up playing softball and baseball as a youth. This past year I’ve been going to offseason practices for softball at Wells Park. Last year it was very fun.

AJJ: What’s it like being on the pitching mound, the center of attention?

Ebony: I like having the focus on me when pitching, keeping a strong mentality and not letting the little things get to me. I like throwing the fastball. The biggest challenge is consistency. Some days you can be on it - throwing the game of your life; and other days you can just have a bad game.

AJJ: What’s it like being a 3-sport high school varsity athlete for the Pirates?

Ebony: It’s fun! It always keeps me busy and I have something to do.

AJJ: What are your favorite things to do when you are not playing sports?

Ebony: I really like doing school work and I like to keep myself busy with jobs and stuff.

AJJ: What are your career goals?

Ebony: An engineer, like civil engineering. I think it will pay off and I’d like to do it.





 Running on Empty? No Way - Giving it all She’s got!

Cadence Siow describes competing at state cross country meet

By Cadence Siow

Cadence Siow was a key member of the New Mexico State-qualifying GHS girls’ cross country team this fall season. Here, the 11th grader describes what it was like competing at states and how she had to continually push herself to reach the finish line. 

 My name is Cadence Siow and I’m a junior at Grants High School. Two weeks ago on November 6th, 2021, I was given the opportunity to participate in this year's 2021 State Cross Country which was held at Albuquerque Academy High School.

This wasn't the first time I made it to state as I was able to qualify my freshman year back in 2019. However, I wasn’t able to participate due to an ankle injury. That made this year my first year to actually run in a state meet.

It was a very neat and nerve-racking experience. Everything about it was perfect - even the weather as it was warm and sunny that day. About 10 races were going on and my race was the third one, so waiting around seeing all the other girls warm up was giving me anxiety.

Fifteen minutes before my race, my coach (Cody Hayes) was trying to calm my nerves. I remember him saying, “You trained all season for this girl; go out there and push yourself. It’s going to hurt like (heck) but you can do it! You’re faster than you think. Run smart, make your move when it feels right and I promise you, you’ll go to bed tonight knowing you did your best you could out there.”

That’s exactly what I did. I stepped up to that line knowing I can’t control what anyone does out there but I could control what I do. I had a head cold that week so by the time I hit that first mile and a half it was hard for me to breathe. I could feel my head throbbing and my legs felt like they were on fire, but all I told myself was, “The pain I’m feeling is temporary and if I give up now I never know what I’m capable of.”

I kept pushing and when I reached the last 300-meters I told myself, “This is it! Use every last bit of energy to sprint this and don’t stop ‘til you cross the finish line.”

That’s exactly what I did. I'm proud to say I passed two girls on that last 200. I crossed that line with my mom waiting for me with open arms. I was beating myself up over my performance as this was the only race I didn’t set a PR (personal record) for my junior year like I had been doing all season with previous races. I just didn’t perform the way I was hoping to. Once again, my coach told me how proud he was of me and how excited he was to see what limits I can excel to next season. I ended the season with a last goodbye to my favorite senior, Skylar Charlie.

As we shared smiles and laughs remembering the memories and times we ran together -  all the way from my fourth grade year till now - I have a hard love for this sport as I consider it `My sport’ and I’m excited to see what I can accomplish next year with it being my last year.




Cadence Siow

Candace Snow

Martin Savedra

 Martin Savedra – Born to be a Roper

Martin Savedra is an 11th grader student here at GHS. The Milan resident, who is 16, loves roping and has been participating in the sport as long as he can remember. Recently, the Angry Jack Journal (AJJ) caught up with Savedra and talked with him about the sport he has such a passion for.

 AJJ: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview Martin. First off, how did you get into the sport of roping and how long have you been competing?

 Martin: Since I could walk. Probably since I was 10, but I’ve been riding horses before I could walk. It’s just my lifestyle. My parents and grandparents do it.

 AJJ: What are the biggest challenges in the sport and what time commitment does it take to improve?

 Martin: Probably the biggest challenge is learning how to rope and when you get it down, you’re good. Being around everybody and riding horses is fun. I do it every day - I’m on my horse or rope.

 AJJ: Are there any professionals who have inspired you in the way they compete? Or did you ever have any roping stars who were heroes of yours?

 Martin: I just do it because I love it. My grandpa, uncle and my dad taught me. I learned to stay humble and stay committed. It’s just my everyday lifestyle.

 AJJ: How often do you compete in roping and what is the greatest moment you ever had competing in this sport? Also, how often do you take part in shows or competitions?

 Martin: I compete almost every weekend. The greatest moment was when I won my first roping. I was 12 or 13 and it was in Arizona. Sometimes in competitions people just rope better. It was fun to win.

 AJJ: Do you ever get a chance to work with younger ropers to teach them about becoming the best they can be at it?

 Martin: Not really. My sister hasn’t started yet so I haven’t got a chance to work with her. But some young ropers are really good.

 AJJ: What teachers or coaches have had the biggest influence on you in roping? What did you learn from them?

 Martin: They all taught me basically the same. Stay committed. My grandpa used to pro rodeo (Professional Rodeo Association) and my uncle did to.  They taught me.

 AJJ: What is the physical toll like in roping? As a young guy how has your body held up over the in the wears and tears of the sport?

 Martin: It’s just tough mentally. All the pressure and stuff going through your head during the ropings and rodeos. I don’t fall off (the horse) much. I just old on.

 AJJ: What is your ultimate goal in this great sport?

 Martin: Just to get to the pros one day. Oh yea, I think I can. I just gotta stay committed.

 AJJ: How do you become a pro?

 Martin: You go to the Association, find a partner, get your pro card and try it out. When you get up there and everyone knows your name, you’re a pro.

 AJJ: Do you compete in roping, team roping, or calf roping?  

 Martin: I’m a team roper. One person ropes the head and the other the legs. It’s pretty hard. Getting timing, following through and getting in the right position.

 AJJ: Great talking to your Martin, and best wishes to a continued and wonderful roping career.



GHS Soccer Team

Picture cutline

The Pirates, shown here in a group picture, meshed well both on and off the field this year. They finished a respectable 7-10 overall. 

Lady Pirates Earn 7 Hard-Fought Wins

Future looks bright for GHS soccer

By Serena Antonio

The Lady Pirates girls’ soccer team had a pretty good 2021-2022 season. Throughout the season the team played tough every game and gave a good challenge to the other teams.

Throughout the season the team created a good bond with one another which helped majorly on the field. From the very first game in Socorro to the last game here at the Grants High School Stadium against Belen, I saw much improvement from all the ladies on the team. The team had a rough start to the season but by the time districts came around the ladies really did well. 

The Lady Pirates had a very eventful season. They worked together in and out of practice and they had many events to bond with each other. GHS ended their season with a record of 7-10 and a district record of 2-6. After the Lady Pirates scored a goal, all the girls celebrated with joy and the ladies were all very excited. The Lady Pirates accomplished a lot with their soccer season and they worked very hard. 

The Lady Pirates top scorer this season was a junior, Chloe Rychener, with sixteen goals. Chloe was a defender and center midfielder this season.

I actually talked to Chloe and asked her a few questions like: How do you think the Lady Pirates season went? She stated, “I think our season went pretty good with the ladies we had because a lot of the girls were inexperienced.” 

I also asked her if she was proud of what she accomplished this season? She stated, “Yes, I think I did very well. I’m very glad I got to score.”

Chloe had a very good season with very great stats as next year will be her last year on the Lady Pirates soccer team.

The Lady Pirates soccer team accomplished a lot this season and there is still a lot of improvement that the ladies will gain next upcoming season. The Lady Pirates all around have very good players with tons of improvement coming. Let’s see what the team accomplishes next season. 


GHS Soccor Team in Action

GHS girls in action. The Lady Pirates played hard throughout the fall season. 

Cameron Thompson

Photo by Jacob Hawkins

Cameron Thompson is an 11th grader at Grants High. 

 Hunting – a Family Tradition in Thompson Household

For GHS student Cameron Thompson, hunting brings family together and is a stress reliever  

From a young age I have been very interested in hunting. My whole family loves to go hunting; it's like a tradition. Every fall of every year we go hunting and spend time with family.

I especially love hunting down south near the small town of Reserve. The area is beautiful with high peaks and tall trees, and is filled with game such as: Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Antelope, and coyotes.

Most of the time when hunting we will run into some of these types of game. My favorite part is definitely the time spent with family. I have always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, and hope to one day to pass it down to future generations.

My grandfather has taught me everything I know about hunting, from the best ways to hunt, how to track, and how to harvest an animal. He has also taught me how not to get lost, such as, when you get lost, always head for a tall mountain. Most of the time these mountains have old logging roads that lead to a main road. I have only killed one deer, but as long as I'm in the mountains, I'm having fun.

I will continue to hunt because it brings me closer to family. I believe hunting can bring joy to anyone, by getting closer to family, relieving stress, or a great vacation. Everyone needs a great stress reliever, and hunting as a good excuse to go hunting.   

By Cameron Thompson