Grants-Cibola County Schools
Emergency Response Procedures
Know What To Do


  • Leave your building immediately!

  • WHEN

    • Notice from authorities, indoor strobe lights, sirens sound, or other signs that there is eminent danger or threat – such as a fire – inside or near the building.


    • Leave the building; assist the disabled

    • Take valuables and cell phone with you

    • Proceed to the assembly area outside

    • Wait for campus officials to notify you when to return to normal activities.

Shelter in Place

  • WHEN

    • Upon notification that there is an environmental danger or threat outside.


    • If in another building outside of the main building,

    • remain there until the Shelter-In-Place is lifted.

    • Use interior halls away from doors/windows

    • If outside the main building, move into the building or other shelter places nearby

    • Keep tuned in to media

    • Business as usual within the building except for higher vigilance

    • Remain sheltered until told otherwise.


  • Run, Hide or Fight

  • WHEN

    • You will receive this notice if there is a gunman or threat of violence on campus

  • ACTIONS (as appropriate for your personal safety)

    • Warn others – Call 911 if you have information for Police

    • Depending on the situation;

      • RUN away,

      • HIDE or barricade, lock doors, turn out lights and remain quiet

      • As a last resort, FIGHT to defend yourself